MARQUETTE — A Marquette man will spend the next few months behind bars for his role in a home invasion last year in Forsyth Township.

Thirty-three year old Samuel Duff received three months in jail and eighteen months probation from Judge Jennifer Mazzuchi for breaking into a camp on Little Shag Lake. Back in April, Duff pleaded guilty to second-degree home invasion.

At his sentencing this morning, the man who owns the camp Duff broke into had the opportunity to speak in court and he didn’t hold back.

“My family tells me I have to put this behind me. It’s not that easy,” said Jack Seder. “I think about you everyday Mr. Duff. Some days I want to forgive you. Other days I want to break your neck.”

“I’m also concerned about the future, added Seder. “You were there when nobody was home- this time. Next time, I don’t know. Somebody could be there. It could turn out a lot worse.”

According to the Forsyth Police Department, Duff stole guns and other items of value from the camp. By entering a guilty plea to second-degree home invasion, two other charges against him were dropped.