New details in murder case link suspect to possible serial killings

CRYSTAL FALLS — Kelly Cochran remains in the Iron County Jail on a $5 million cash bond. The 33–year–old is being held on six felony charges, including homicide, open murder in the death of Christopher Regan.

Through documents obtained from court, ABC 10 has learned more about the case against Cochran, including another murder investigation she’s currently linked to and if she is competent to stand trial.

At Kelly Cochran’s arraignment Monday, prosecuting attorney Melissa Powell filed a motion to request a forensic exam regarding her competency to stand trial and criminal responsibility. According to the document, Cochran has an alleged prior mental health history, which includes a voluntary admission to a psychiatric facility in Indiana a month ago.

After her arrest, Cochran allegedly made shanks out of her glasses during her time at the Graves County, Kentucky Jail. The document goes on to state that Cochran has claimed ‘a level of participation’ in the death of Chris Regan.

She’s also being investigated in Lake County, Illinois in the death of her husband, Jason Cochran. The most interesting part of the motion is found in part number four, which states, Cochran, the defendant, has claimed responsibility for the death of other individuals, which would, if true, make her a serial killer.

Cochran’s competency to stand trial will be addressed at an upcoming hearing on May 31st. Cochran has declined legal counsel, advising the court that she wishes to represent herself with assistance from a public defender.

Her preliminary exam is scheduled for June 6th.