NEGAUNEE — With today’s warm weather, the danger of fire was notably high. That was evident in Negaunee earlier today. Just off Neejee road, shortly after 3:30pm, word of a minor brush fire in Negaunee came through.

The genesis of the fire; a spark flying out of a burning barrel. The spark landed in the dry pine needles and began to spread from there.

Negaunee Township Fire/EMS crews responded quickly; containing the fire with hand tools and hoses.

“Today, the fire danger is very high. We have high temperatures and (relatively low) humidity,” explained DNR Fire Supervisor, Peter Glover.

“This is one of the cautions we would say to homeowners (if you do burn in a burn barrel) is to use caution and be in constant attendance of the barrel and have water on hand.”

The damage was minimal, but it served as a reminder of what can happen on hot days like this one.