MARQUETTE — All of us here at ABC Ten would like to extend our condolences to the family, friends, and colleagues of Dr. Charles Ganzert who passed away Thursday morning.

“If there was one thing I would say about Chuck,” said Department Head James Cantrill, “he was always about the students.”

Dr. Charles Ganzert was a Professor in Broadcasting and Mass Communication at NMU. He began his career with the university in 1993. Dr. Ganzert suffered a massive stroke shortly after giving a presentation at a national convention in Seattle and passed away Thursday morning with his wife by his side. Before his passing, Dr. Ganzert left a tremendous impact on everyone around him.

“He was Northern Michigan University’s first and probably most successful coordinator for academic service learning program, where he got students out into the field as part of their classes.”

With Dr. Ganzert’s guidance many of those students went on to win competitions and the regional and national level. Dr. Ganzert was well accomplished himself.

“He received ‘Adviser Of The Year’ in 2002, he received an ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ from Northern in 2008, and in 2014 he received a very prestigious, ‘Michigan Campus Compact Faculty Community Service Learning Award.'”

Dr. Ganzert was also due to receive a ‘Distinguished Faculty Award’ later in April. His efforts and educational prowess extended past NMU, and even the country.

“In 2004, he worked with the Mongolian government and Mongolian National Radio to bring them into the digital age. He was over in Mongolia doing that.”

Dr. Ganzert was actively involved with the Hiawatha Music Festival, Radio–X, and a litany of other organizations. He played a large role in the McIntosh and audio labs on campus. Cantrill added that a short–term plan is in place, but a long–term plan is going to take some time to ensure that Dr. Ganzert’s legacy lives on.

“What we should do, is we should revel in a life well–lived and think of the music that I’m certain is with Chuck now.”