Meth bust on ATV trail lands two people in jail

FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — Two people were arrested by the Upper Peninsula Substance Enforcement Team for allegedly making meth in Forsyth Township.

Twenty-six year old Corey Allen Racine of Gwinn and 26-year-old Brittany Marie Anders, also of Gwinn, have been charged with multiple meth related felonies.

On Monday, the Forsyth Township Police Department received a complaint from a property owner that ATV’s were running on his property all day and night. The property owner stated that the ATV’s would stop on his property for extended period of time for unknown reasons.

Police discovered meth-making components in that area. UPSET detectives then setup a surveillance team in hopes of catching the people responsible for the meth.

Shortly after detectives started their surveillance, they stopped an ATV. Racine was arrested for being in possession of meth-making components.

During their investigation, police say Anders purchased pseudophedrine to help make the illegal drug. The investigation into this case is still ongoing.

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