U.P. Politician dealing with phone, mail scam

LANSING, MI — An Upper Peninsula lawmaker is currently dealing with a phone scam that’s referring callers to his office in Lansing.

State Rep. Scott Dianda (D-Calumet) says that U.P. residents are receiving robo–calls and postcards that are misinforming constituents about House Bills that are focused on energy. The caller is said to be coaching the resident about what to say and then directly connecting them to Dianda’s office and telling him to support the republican sponsored bills.

“This is just an easy way to confuse people on the issues,” said Dianda. “It’s terrible for us because we try to do the best with what information we get. People in the U.P. that get a lot of the robo–calls and mailings and it says ‘This is good for all of Michigan.’ Sometimes it is not and it’s too bad things happen this way,” he added.

There’s a bill currently in the state house that Representative Dianda is not in favor of. We will have that story for you Thursday on ABC 10.

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