Firefighters drop the axes and pick up serving trays for a good cause

Fire Prevention Week is in full swing, and Wednesday night Firefighters were spreading the message by filling bellies.

Wednesday was the annual Pizza Hut Fire Prevention Fundraiser. Firefighters got together to take orders, refill drinks and bus tables at the Ishpeming Pizza hut. While the evening was open for anyone to attend, area kids are some of the most excited patrons.

“We like to target kids, especially small ones, because fires can be scary and they get scared easily so they like to hide. We just want them to know that we’re not scary, especially when we have all our gear on, and not to hide under the beds and things like that,” said Guiseppi Bertucci, a Firefighter with the Ishpeming Fire Department.

The Fire Department hopes to raise around $500. Those funds will help bring firefighters to area schools to teach youngsters the importance of having a home escape plan.

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