MARQUETTE — Some Bothwell Middle School students ditched the school bus today and walked to school for International Walk to School Day.

Upon their arrival they were awarded an apple, water and a golden ticket for raffle prizes. The experiment taught them an invaluable lesson.

“I think it is a good idea because people our age don’t really do much. We have athletic people then we have the people who sit on the couch all day. And I thought, why not, I’ll just walk to school, it might be fun,” said Chance Rushton, 8th grader.

Some students still took the bus or got dropped off but it wasn’t because they didn’t see the importance of participating.

“I think it is real cool because you can actually walk and get active instead of of riding the bus all the time and being inside. The reason I didn’t do it is because I live too far away,” said Tsolak Manukyan, 7th grader.

“It is a good idea because a lot of people don’t get exercise like this and you can talk to your friends,” said Lew Goff, 7th grader.

The event grows each year with thousands of schools from all 50 sates participating. Bothwell teachers and staff all got involved to make this day possible for the kids.

“Physical activity and exercise are key components to a students education. We think about educating the whole person which is what we try to promote here at Bothwell. For Middle School students, anything where they can sense that feeling of community and belonging,” said Assistant Principal Zack Sedgwick.

More than 40 countries participate in this annual event, it’s organized by the Partnership for a Walkable America.

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