Pro-life rally lines U.P. highway

HOUGHTON — Pro-life supporters showed solidarity for their cause by lining up down a stretch of M-26 in Houghton Sunday afternoon.

The annual Life Chain event seeks to create awareness of the pro-life stance.

Local event organizer Barbara King said, “Life Chain is a national event meant to draw attention to this holocaust going on in our nation and it does hurt our whole country.”

About 30 people took part in the demonstration which is meant to show that there is a community of people who support the choice of life. Among those was Melissa Naasko who participated in the event with 10 of her 11 children.

“It also reminds people who are in a difficult situation what, inside their heart, they may already feel and just seeing people out here who aren’t angry, who aren’t yelling, who care enough to come out with their kids tells them that really you’re not alone and there is someone out there who cares about you,” said Naasko.

This marked the 28th year the national event took place.

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