MARQUETTE — It’s almost time once again for the UPAWS Marquette Sunrise Dog Dash.

Registration for the event begins at Picnic Rocks Park in Marquette at 8:30 on our nation’s Independence Day. The event is enjoyable for all dogs, dog lovers, and dog enthusiasts while providing a large amount of support to UPAWS.

“The Doggy Dash and all of our fundraisers are very important to UPAWS for our animals,” said Community Outreach Coordinator Ann Brownell, “for keeping our programs going, keeping our shelter going. finding homes for all of the wonderful critters, being able to offer a spay–neuter program for folks, all kinds of wonderful things that we depend on our community to keep running.”

Participants can either go for a casual walk or join in the race. Prizes will be available for some of the fastest dogs, along with the winners of the dog costume contest. The Dog Dash has received great support over the years and the shelter feels confident that support will continue.

“The community always steps up for UPAWS. We have a very supportive community here in Marquette County and beyond really for us. We’re really appreciative of that.”

All proceeds from the Dog Dash will go directly towards helping homeless animals cared for by UPAWS.