MARQUETTE — The Northern Center for Lifelong Learning group is all about providing informal educational programs and activities. Today’s activity included a hike by Little Garlic.

The Elliott Donnelley Wilderness Tract is a 2.7 mile trail that follows the Little Garlic River. According to Jim Matteson of the North Country Trail Hikers, this segment is part of the largest trail in the United States.

“Basically what we’re looking forward to is introducing more people to this segment of the North Country Trail,” said Jim Matteson, “which covers 4,600 miles all the way from North Dakota to Vermont.”

Although this is just a segment of something much larger, there are plenty of features that make this portion a great location for the group to hike.

“It’s just basically a chance to be outside and explore the area,” said Tour Guide Elizabeth Bates, “people are often looking for wildflowers, birds and just having a chance to get out with like–minded people and be social and have a good time. You will notice that I usually plan these for sunny days.”

The hikers also proved once again that you never know what you’re going to find when you head out into the woods.