Joe’s Cakes back in business at Landmark

MARQUETTE — A popular cake shop in downtown Marquette that was thought to be going out of business just a day ago isn’t going out of business after all.

Joe’s Cakes is still in business at the Landmark Inn. ABC 10 talked with officials at the Landmark Inn today.

They said that there was a misunderstanding between the two sides and that the misunderstanding has been resolved. According to the Landmark, the termination was not ordered by the new corporate owners of the Landmark, Graves Hospitality. It happened during a meeting, and the matter has been resolved.

The incident prompted Joe Heck to post on Joe’s Cake’s official Facebook page the following:

So it is with quite a bit of shock and a lot of sadness that I regretfully inform all of you of the fact that the new owners of The Landmark Inn have decided, with out prior notice, to close my shop….. I am just as shocked as I am sure many of you are… but this is what can happen when a large corporation takes over a small local business. I am apologizing to any of you that have outstanding orders with me as I was not allowed to clean out my office and no arrangements at all were made for my departure, but I would like you to know that if you do have an order with the Landmark it will not be my desserts and was not allowed to have any of my customer contact information before I left, so I am unable to make arrangements with any of you. Thank you for 9 great years Marquette and here is to looking forward to what is next for me and Joe’s Cakes

After an outpouring of support on social media, Joe spoke with Graves and was informed that there was a misunderstanding between on-site management team and Joe regarding some of the improvements they are making to the property, and how it would affect Joe’s Cake business.

“I’m happy to say that cooler heads have prevailed today and I am still a part of the Landmark family for the current time,” said Heck. “I do not want to disappoint my loyal customers so please know you will all be taken care of personally by me as you have always been. I was and still am excited about what is happening at the Landmark and am confident now that this was not a corporate decision, but one miss handled by local management.”

Joe’s Cakes has been in business at the Inn for the last nine years. Earlier this year, the Landmark Inn was sold to its new owners, Graves Hospitality.