NMU teachers not happy with contract talks

MARQUETTE — Contract talks between NMU teachers and administration is being stonewalled, according to union representatives.

Today’s American Association of University Professors rally where teachers expressed their concerns regarding the negotiations. For months teaches say they have been negotiating for a new contract and are currently disappointed in the progress. They say the current contract offer will result in an annual net loss.

“The administration has basically stonewalled us for about two and a half months, we are making a little progress but we are not trying to get rich off of this contract, we just want to get enough financial compensation to keep up with the cost of living,” said Dwight Brady, A.A.U.P. Executive Council Representative.

They say the concessions they want teachers to make will also adversely affect health care and the possibility of losing good teachers due to substandard pay and inefficient health care. They took their march of discontent straight to the front doors of the administration building.

“I have four children and so I am going to be pretty adversely affected by the increased health care costs. We are being asked to take some pretty serious hits in terms of our health care costs and the administration has offered us a 10% raise over five years but that doesn’t take care of all the expenses especially for younger health care members with the health care costs that are going to increase,” continued Brady.

Talks are scheduled to continue tomorrow.