GWINN — A new superintendent and re–opening of an elementary school are in the near future for Gwinn Area Community Schools. Former Principal and Athletic Director Tom Jayne will take over as Superintendent effective on July first after agreeing on a three year contract.

“Tom has got extensive years of experience through us,” said President of the Board Ron Lauren, “he worked here, he worked in Crystal Falls Forest Park as a superintendent principal, and he’s been in Iron Mountain since 2011. He’s got a lot of innovative ideas for technologies and maintaining buildings. We’re excited for him to come on.”

A unanimous decision was made across the board to reopen the Gilbert Elementary School as well. The board looks at this decision as both a reinvestment in their education program as well as a reinvestment in their community.

“We’re very excited about what it’s going to mean for our student to teacher ratios,” said Vice President of the Board Joe Boogren, “we’re currently at about a twenty nine to one ratio and we’ll be down to an average around the low twenties per student. We believe that that is going to manifest itself in better testing rates, better classroom environment, more confidence in the citizens that pay to have the school here, and most importantly better education for our students.”

The school board and the community feel they are making steps in the right direction toward a better future.