Musical feeds audiences with horror and fun

MARQUETTE — The Forest Roberts Theatre is nearing the end of its season. Its newest play, Little Shop of Horrors, runs Wednesday through Saturday this week.

Little Shop of Horrors originally appeared as a musical in 1982 and was adapted into a feature film in 1986 that starred Rick Moranis, Ellen Greene, and Steve Martin. Director Paul Truckey has put together a cast and crew that looks to give them a run for their money.

In this production, Donovan Chambers stars as a clumsy, shy, and reserved florist shop worker named Seymour. Seymour discovers a rare plant that brings business to their shop, but finds that there are difficult things that he must do to help the plant grow. Chambers says that he is inspired by the people around him.

“We have an amazing cast and crew,” says actor Donovan Chambers, “it’s been an absolute joy to work with every single one of these people. Some of the people I have worked with on multiple shows throughout the school year and the summer, and I could just not be more happy with everyone’s work ethic and the talent we have here at NMU. It’s just amazing. The show will rock. I’m so excited.”

The show also features the talents of Taylor Kulju as Audrey, Martyn Martello as Mr. Mushnik and Dorsey Sprouls as Orin. This is the seventh show at NMU for Sprouls over three years. He along with the rest of the cast didn’t want to give away too much of plot, but they assure their future audience that this will be a show to remember.

“It’s two hours of really great, high quality entertainment,” said actor Dorsey Sprouls, “you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll be really creeped out at times. This play is one of the few that I can say really has a little bit of everything. Every song is just so memorable and so much fun to sing and perform.”

What helps bring this production together is the performance of live music, directed by Emily Fitzpatrick. The cast will be ready to step on the stage on Wednesday. Showtime is set for 7:30.

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