Suicide Hill Ski Tournament jumped off today

ISHPEMING — The Suicide Hill Ski Jumping Tournament jumped off today.

For more than one hundred years the Ishpeming Ski Club has hosted this event and once again it did not disappoint. Expecting up to 800 spectators for the suicidal jump, Yoopers young and old came prepared. Bonfires were high and going strong, specially made ski chairs were on hand. And, of course, the grill was on fire to keep everyone warm and tummy’s full, all to see and experience the thrill up close.

Thrill seeking jumpers were from the U.S., Finland and Slavakia. All doing three jumps each, one practice run, and two competition rounds where those two scores get combined. The skiiers were always looking to outdo the competition as well as themselves.

The 128th Suicide Hill Ski Jumping Tournament concluded with a fireworks show and more than 600 ski fans. For competition results go to