MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — While it may not be as big of a shopping day as Black Friday, the day after Christmas has become a busy day for retailers and shoppers looking for a bit more.

A steady stream of post-holiday shoppers headed to Best Buy in Marquette Township to explore deals, spend gift cards, and pick up accessories to use with their recently received gifts.

“It’s pretty much the after Christmas tradition,” said Best Buy Full Time Home Theater Associate Ben Chaney. “Everybody comes in and gets the presents they hoped for but didn’t get, or somebody who was missing [a] controller that they needed just to play their game console or whatever it may be.”

Some shoppers seized the day to check out the things they may have missed in the busy days leading up to the holidays.

“[There are] a lot of great deals out there,” said Marquette resident John Everson. “[I’m] hitting all the shops to see what’s going on after Christmas, and all of the places I couldn’t go before Christmas because I had to work, so here I am shopping today.”

Best Buy wasn’t the only Marquette Township store to see some more traffic this morning. Packed parking lots and busy roads were commonplace near shopping centers like Target and the Westwood Mall. Shoppers could be seen bustling about with freshly purchased packages. Store patrons were greeted with some mild weather while they ventured from store to store.