MARQUETTE — While the big box stores were predictably busy Friday, some small businesses in downtown Marquette also saw their fair share of business.

Getz’s Clothiers opened at 8 a.m. with a line waiting and ready for sales on brands like Carhartt, Filson and the North Face. While big retailers open early to get people in the door, places like Getz’s have other methods.

Dennis Mingay, store manager at Getz’s, said, “A lot of times stores opening on Thanksgiving change the way you want to market your business, and so hence we have to be stronger at marketing and hopefully it all works for you.”

Because Black Friday is not just another run of the mill day for businesses, a bit of strategy goes into planning for the day’s events.

“We do a six-page ad so what we have to do is pre-plan about a month ahead at least, and you do some pre-buys,” Mingay said. “Obviously it’s the biggest day of the year so what you have to do is make sure you have plenty of staff, and customer service is king, so hopefully you have enough staff to take care of the customers.”

Sales at Getz’s will continue for Small Business Saturday.