Shoppers visit Marquette Township for Black Friday deals

MARQUETTE TOWNSHIP — Marquette Township was abuzz with activity Friday morning, with shoppers getting into the Christmas spirit by hitting the stores for Black Friday.

After a busy Thanksgiving evening, Best Buy was still seeing a steady stream of customers this morning. Shoppers have been visiting Best Buy and other stores in the area to find good deals and gifts for loved ones.

“TVs have been big this year so far, and a lot of cell phones,” said Matt Hill, back office lead at Marquette Township’s Best Buy. “Cell phones have been a big seller this year — lot of good deals on mobile telephones.”

“We are here to buy some iPods and iPads and stuff which is at better deals than online and everyday prices, and it’s good to be here, it’s a good town,” said Nawaz Pinjri, a student from Michigan Technological University.

“We decided to buy some special things for my daughter,” said Bob Buckingham, a Big Rapids resident who was visiting family. “We also got some gloves for dad, but we look for everything and anything that’s on sale.”

“I just got a few items that, you know, were nice. I’m not going to say them on camera just because I don’t want my wife to know and daughter to know what we got them already, but you know, it’s some great deals,” said Negaunee resident Christopher Sullivan. “There have been super friendly people out here and it’s just been a great time.”

Some shoppers see Black Friday as a good way to get out and spend some time with family.

“We find that it’s enjoyable to get out, see the sales, be with the people, and just get up early,” added Buckingham. “Normally, you go shopping later on in the day, but today’s a chance to go early out to the stores and just have fun.”

Black Friday wasn’t just for grown-ups either. Kids of all ages joined in the shopping excitement.