The polls are closed and the voters have spoken. It’s been a grueling year, a busy month and a crazy last few days for campaign candidates, workers and volunteer staff.

Republicans and democrats alike are glad this day has come and is almost over, with results in and currently being counted and verified.

We stopped in at the Democratic headquarters this evening and got some feedback on the hard work they’ve been putting in. Volunteers like Babs Dulany who has made more than 700 calls to voters.

“There is no other easy way for me to try and change the world. The most important thing is to start in your state, we need to change things locally in order to build up the U.S. the way it use to be. We can’t start at the top we have to go to the bottom and start from the bottom up,” said volunteer Babs Dulany.

Volunteer Connor Raak added, “I decided to do more than 70 hours because seeing the results tonight and seeing the way things have turned out you can really tell that we have made a difference. That’s the most important thing is that we have made a change.

“We’ve hit every charity event we could across the U.P. so it would be very exciting to get elected. Tomorrow, it’s right back to talking to the elected officials and representatives so that we know from day one what we are going to be doing to help the people in the Upper Peninsula,” said State Senate District 8, Candidate, Christopher Germain.

We also stopped in at the Republican Headquarters as they were preparing for their watch party and talked with volunteers and candidates to hear about the highlights of the campaign. Volunteer, Crystal Grantham share with us her campaign memories,

“Talking with people, hearing their concerns and where they think our country is headed and where they think it should head. Talking about the issues, I am a political science major so I enjoy that conversation.”

“I am a recent NMU graduate and I see a lot of reasons why a lot of students are leaving the area, I think the reason for the counties to sustain we need to keep graduates and families in the area,” said Justin Carlson, Marquette County Commissioner District 2 Candidate.

Mark Curran, Candidate for Marquette County Commissioner District 6 concluded with this,” tomorrow win or lose it will be a good day. I talked about a lot of issues, I have been harping on the jail and law enforcement issues that are beginning to be addressed, so even if I don’t get elected I am having an impact and that’s the most important part.”

There are many races we’re watching both locally and statewide tonight.