Today is election day across the country. The U.P. has been seeing a flurry of activity these past few weeks with candidates working to sway voter opinion and get as many people out to vote as possible.

Lots of politicians went unopposed and others are claiming victory as they are the only logical choice. As Upper Peninsula residents decided for themselves and exercised their right to vote, both campaigns stayed pretty positive with victory in their sights.

“We are looking forward to a democratic victory, we’ve been working hard and we have had a lot of volunteers that have been putting in a lot of time and we are optimistic that we will do quite well.” said Robert Miemi, Treasurer, Democratic Party, said Robert Niemi, Marquette County Democratic Party Treasurer.

Brendan Biolo, Marquette County Republican Party Chairman had this to say “Best case scenario, on Wednesday, we take the U.S. Senate and out local candidates do very well, we will be jumping up and down and clicking our heels.”

Stayed with us for election updates on the victories, upsets and losses as each precinct comes in.