He’s been named the Champion of Farmers by the Michigan Agriculture Business Association for his role in passing the “Farm Bill” this past year. As agriculture is a seven billion dollar business in Michigan, Dr. Dan Benishek spent some time today with U.P. farmers.

Benishek met with and toured local farms, their production facilities as well as equipment dealerships. Although the farm bill passed in the legislature, making sure it actually works for farmers is the next step.

“We talked about the new regulations in the farm bill which I don’t think anybody really understands but it is new and I they need to get all of the details ironed out and it’s gonna take a while,” said Chuck Bergdgahl, Bergdgahl’s Farm.

“There is a program in the Farm Bill to help farmers protect their margin and Chuck isn’t sure if it is right for him to buy that insurance so we are going to help him figure that out. They are also concerned about the regulations coming out of the E.P.A., the waters of the U.S. effects farmers and we want to make sure we have reasonable regulations that don’t put our farmers out of business,” said Dr. Dan Benishek.

Benishek says the day was about open communication and going over everything from regulations to the price of milk. And being the only person from Michigan serving on the Agriculture committee, he takes that responsibility seriously.

“Regulations are necessary but over regulating is beginning to be a problem. He’s on the Ag committee and he is going back to Washington and he is realizing that you just don’t pass everything that comes through Congress. Agriculture is the only essential industry that is truly essential. Where does your food come from, it doesn’t come from Econo or Super Value, it comes from a farm like this,” continued Bergdgahl.

Beneshek was also designated as a “Friend of Agriculture” by the Michigan Farm Bureau’s AgriPac Committee, which constitutes an election endorsement.