The Superior Watershed Partnership is now making it easier to find up-to-date information about the Eagle Mine.

The group was already watching many aspects of the mine’s operation through the Community Environmental Monitoring Program.
However, some local people have told the partnership it should do everything it can do to make the data easier to find and easier to understand.

“We are now producing a monthly report that’s going to highlight any kind of key findings or any key data points for the month,” Superior Watershed Partnership program manager and Community Environmental Monitoring Program outreach coordinator Natasha Koss said. “It’s a simpler, easy-to-read type format.”

The first such monthly report, for May 2014, has just come out.

“This independent monitoring program is, in fact, independent, and it’s now showing key findings that (have) led the state to regulate the operations there,” Koss said. “One example is the uranium we found in early 2013.”

The Superior Watershed Partnership will release the reports through e-mail and also by posting them on the website for the Community Environmental Monitoring Program. It’s  .