Fifth grader comes to aid of a 89 year-old woman

“Going above and beyond the call of duty” usually applies to police, firefighters and emergency personnel.

But when a fifth grader comes to the aid of a 89 year old woman who she’s never even met, it’s especially heartwarming.

“I was taking my garbage out and I had my hand on the garbage can, when I came to the garbage can was standing on top of me, I don’t know whether I got hit with it or not.  I don’t remember anything, I don’t even remember going down the stairs,” said Rose Bullis of Ishpeming.

As luck would have it, ten year old Taylor, who lives down the block happened to be on her way to music night around that time when she spotted Rose in a puddle of water.

“I saw her and she was laying on the ground with a garbage can on top of her, I went over there to see if she needed help, she said yes, I tried to pick her up but her shoulder was hurting her so I asked permission to go inside her house and I called 9–1–1,” said Taylor Stanaway, 10 year–old from Ishpeming.

“Rose had already been checked on that day, so no one was scheduled to see her again until the next day. She could have been lying there overnight, helpless for more than 12 hours if Taylor hadn’t come along and helped her back inside,” reports Danielle Davis.

But Taylor’s kindness didn’t end there, she kept her company until the ambulance arrived, turned off her oven and locked the door after Rose was taken to the hospital.

“I looked at her eyes first to make sure her pupils weren’t dialated at all then just kept her company, and make sure she didn’t move any more than necessary,” continued Stanaway.

Then, as only a composed ten–year–old like Taylor could do, she completed her journey to music night. Once there she called her dad and, as heroes typically do, downplayed the incident.

“She really didn’t say much, it was dad I helped this lady, the ambulance came and got her and I’ll see you later.  She got home a few hours later and it was pretty much the same thing.  It wasn’t until a few days later that I got the details.  I didn’t realize how much she had done.  I was like wow, I was surprised but then again not really.  She said she was scared and I said it’s alright that you were scared, you didn’t panic and that is what I teach her, she did well and I am very proud of her,” said Don Stanaway, Taylor’s Dad.

Taylor was honored for her heroic efforts at Old Fashioned Baptist Church with a Certificate of Recognition, a letter of Commendation from the city of Ishpeming, and a brand new bike.

‘Yea, as much as I hate to admit it, I had some tears in my eyes, I was very overwhelmed with joy and I was very proud of her, continued Stanaway.

This week just so happens to be National EMS week. Members of  Rose’s  church say it was the perfect time to honor their little hero.

“She’s been a sweetheart, if it hadn’t been for her, I don’t know how long I would have sat there,” continued Bullis.