Reporter Selena Potila stands next to a pile of snow in Ishpeming, MI.

The Upper Peninsula wasn’t the only area to be dominated by snowfall this past weekend. The harsh winter weather affected businesses all over the United States. The crew at ABC 10 all chipped in with shoveling duties to clear our parking area. Snowfall is a welcome site for us Yoopers who love the winter. Fans of the Buffalo Bills in upstate New York, had a much greater task.

The Bills were originally scheduled to host the Steelers for the Wildcard Playoff game on Saturday but due to snowy conditions the game was postponed. The team asked for widespread help, through their website, to shovel out seats, paying fans, anyone 18 and over, $20 an hour. With snow falling at a rate of 2 inches per hour, 85 people dug out many of the seats on Sunday for the Bills Monday night game. All of that shoveling must have paid off as the Bills commanded the Steelers 31 to 17.

Yesterday Iowa voters braved the coldest Caucus night in history to cast the first votes of the Republican primary season. Trump gained more than 51% of the vote holding an overwhelming lead with Desantis finishing a distant second. Nikki Haley came in third.

With winter weather and cold conditions persisting throughout the week, pull up your snowpants, throw on a nice winter coat, and get ready for a winter wonderland.