Delta County Sleigh the Deals promotion winner is announced.

The Sleigh the Deals promotion winner is announced by the Delta County Chamber of Commerce. The first ever winner of the promotion is Marie Kwarciany of Gladstone. As a result of her shopping efforts, Marie will receive a prize of $1000 dollars. She was one of over 60 area residents who participated.

The Sleigh the Deals promotion encouraged people to shop locally from Nov. 21st through Dec. 24th. For every $100 dollars worth of Delta County shopping receipts given to the Chamber of Commerce, the participants received a playing card that was used to build the best possible poker hand. 8 individuals achieved the royal flush, the best possible hand, which were entered into a drawing. Kwarciany’s name was chosen as the final winner. A total of $121,656.82 worth of receipts from Delta County retail, restaurants, and a variety of service industry establishments were received during the promotion. The Chamber would like to thank all those who participated and kept their dollars close to home.