Major fire to local “Solander Building” in downtown Stephenson

Yesterday, the major fire, in Menominee County, closed two streets as multiple departments responded to what’s locally known as the “Solander Building” located on Railroad Street.

The fire began around 12:20 P.M. Wednesday afternoon at the 3 story building, where the two upper floors were occupied by residents.

Stephenson Fire Department public Information Officer Jen Bastien stated multiple departments were deployed using the Mutual Aid Box Alarm system, which allows departments to pull sources from other areas. The system allows departments to preplan for large scale incidents.

Firefighters from 4 different counties battled the blaze including Marinette, Menomonee, Delta, and Iron.

According to Bastien, a small electronic device is suspected to have started the fire.

4 of the apartments in the building were occupied. 7 people are currently displaced.

A big concrete wall separating the structure from adjoining businesses will be taken down today so a neighboring barber shop and a family restaurant can open.