Help Bring the Christmas Spirit and Help Calumet Light Up the Village

Turning the paver-lined streets and sandstone buildings into a magical Christmas town takes a lot of help. This year the community is encouraged to help the downtown village decorate for the holiday season while taking part in Christmas in Calumet activities. This weekend, says Main Street Calumet’s Executive Director Leah Polzin, Calumet residents can help decorate ornaments for Christmas trees around town, and storefronts can participate in a little Christmas light decorating contest.

“As we know it gets dark fast now, so even during the day you can enjoy the lights. Our storefronts are doing a great job of coming up with a wide variety of decorations. And just making their storefronts pretty and bright for the season. We want everybody to come out and enjoy the lights. And of course, vote online for your favorite. Voting does end on December 18th.” – Leah Polzin, executive director of Main Street Calumet

Around the village, some organizations are helping to bring the Christmas feeling to Calumet with opportunities to meet Santa. As well as help visitors take a trip back in time with living windows. One of the most fun and popular activities however involves a little ride around town to take in the beautiful sights.

“With the bells jingling and you’re on paver streets, and you have these big historic buildings on either side. Granted there are still cars around. But it does put you in a certain kind of time and place to experience that.” – Leah Polzin, Executive Director, Main Street Calumet

Christmas in Calumet will have activities that take place throughout December. Ending with sled rides with CopperDog 150 sled teams. Polzin adds that the month helps bring in the feeling of the Christmas spirit, and the sled rides add to the fun. It doubles as a sort of kick-off for the area to get excited about the CopperDog 150 later in the winter.

“It just allows the kids to be right there with the dogs. They get to go on a dog sled. And just get to experience that. And what a fun experience right before the holiday. This year on the 23rd, a few days before Christmas.” – Leah Polzin, executive director, Main Street Calumet

Help Calumet turn over a new leaf this Christmas and help the village bring the Christmas spirit to the area. Activities will start this weekend. Storefronts hoping to join the Christmas light contest should register online. Voting for the contest can also be found online. Those interested in learning more about Christmas in Calumet and all of the fun holiday joy to join can find more information here.

Storefronts planning to participate in Illuminate Calumet light contest should register by December 8th. The voting for the contest will remain open until December 18th. Find more light contest details here. The storefront registration can be found at the bottom of the webpage.