Michigan Tech Preforming Arts Students are Excited to Scare the Community at the Haunted Smelter Tours

Those who enjoy the spooky season will choose to get scared at the haunted smelter tours starting tonight. Behind the scenes are Michigan Tech students who have been putting in hours’ worth of work to set to the stage. The entertaining scares each year are brought to the community by the creative minds within Michigan Tech’s Sound design, audio production, and theater programs.

And unlike when we do a show or have a performance inside a building, we don’t have a direct power supply or simple power supply. We have to think about how we intend to route power and cabling. What does the tour path look like, to make sure we aren’t interrupting the audience’s ability to walk around. So it is a complicated task to plan for all of the needs of a site as unique as the smelter.” Kent Cyr, Associate Professor, Michigan Technological University

Students begin planning out the haunted smelter tours months in advance and are led by Associate Professor of Visual and Performing Arts Kent Cyr. He says that his students have to balance misdirection with an entertaining storyline so that groups are immersed in the tour without becoming overwhelmed.

It is about perception. And how you can change the audience’s perception and misdirect them. So that you are doing, and what you are providing them is out of the norm. It’s a little bit scary and puts them on edge. And it gives students a chance to really play with that creativity. And learning to make small changes to big effects.” Kent Cyr, Associate Professor, Michigan Technological University

The Haunted Smelter Torus hosted by the Michigan Tech Theater opens tonight at 7 p.m. Tours will run every 10 minutes. Cyr does say that the tours are on the more scary end of the spectrum, so parents should leave young children at home. Likening the tours to a PG-13 type of rating. Michigan Tech Theater’s haunted smelter tours work with the Quincy Mine Hoist Association and Keweenaw National Historic Park and support the Quincy Mine.


Overflow parking for the tours will park at Mount Ripley, just east of the Smelter. The Haunted Smelter Tours cost 10 dollars per person, and 5 dollars for kids under 12. Tickets can be purchased at the smelter or online. Tours will run today until Saturday, in the evenings from 7- 1030 p.m. FInd more information below.

Haunted Smelter Tours info

To purchase tour tickets click on the book now button on the Quincy Mine’s website.