Gundlach Champion Inc,. Joins Elite Group of Upper Peninsula Business and Celebrates 125th Year Anniversary

Gundlach Champion Incorporated joins a special group of upper peninsula businesses serving their communities. In 1898, Herman Gundlach Senior signed partnership papers, officially forming his company. Gundlach senior’s pride in the company continued through his son, who took over the business in 1945. Current company President, Stan Kaczmarek, says 125 years later, the business continues to take on major construction projects throughout the region.

“We have guys that have worked for Gundlach Champion for three generations, maybe in some cases four. And we are very proud of that. Very proud that the business has stayed together for that long. It goes to show the quality of people that work for Gundlach all these years. And that 125 year milestone is definitely an accomplishment.” – Stan Kaczmarek, President, Gundlach Champion Inc,.

Notable buildings the company has worked on include the Gogebic County Court House in Bessemer, many campus buildings at Michigan Tech University and the Finlandia University, and with tribal communities. Kaczmarek says the company hopes to continue working with communities on projects making the region a great place to work and stay for another 125 years.

You can view a short video from the company here, detailing their extensive history working in the Copper Country and Upper Peninsula.