Hancock Purchases the Quincy Green from Finlandia University for $150,000

Quincy Green in downtown Hancock feels like the heart of the city.  Throughout the year groups will gather for the city’s tori farmers market, sledding, watching movies or taking in a concert. Last night Hancock’s city council approved a purchase agreement with Finlandia University, purchasing the space for 150,000 dollars.

“Currently we don’t have pans for a project there right now. But it would fall, most likely, under the Downtown Development Authority (DDA). We will keep the same activities. The one thing, our first action most likely, possibly add public restrooms. We don’t currently have any public restrooms in our downtown area.” – Mary Babcock, Hancock City Manager

The city’s acquisition includes the sidewalk in front of the Hirvonen Hall, the green space itself, stairway and sandstone wall. Finlandia university students will still be able to use the sidewalk to get to and from class, as the purchase makes the property for public use.

“The city of Hancock decided to purchase the Quincy Green, because it is pretty much our current town center. And that was one of our master plan goals. So it’s being incorporated, and will keep the same current use. It’s all public property. So the use of the sidewalk, the use of the stairs, and even the green is available to Finlandia, or other community groups that would like to use it. ” – Mary Babcock, Hancock City Manager

City Manager Mary Babcock assures that the city’s typical summer activities will still take place at the green. Hancock does not have any plans in place for projects at the Quincy Green, but will begin to look into the possibilities while discussing the city’s master plan over the coming weeks. Residents wishing to express their desires for the space should contact the city of Hancock office for inquires at, 906 482 2720.