Houghton High School Seniors Bring Local Students Together for Some Dancing and Philanthropy

Houghton High School seniors wants to bring the entire Keweenaw schools students to an all school snowball dance this Saturday. Houghton High School Senior Stella Wickstrom, says that her class wanted to get the entire area’s students together for a special occasion because there are not many school dance options available to different school districts throughout the year.

“It definitely both to raise awareness within the communities up here. But it’s also to give kids something fun to do when its gray and nasty outside on a Saturday night. It’s something that’s planned. It’s something fun that most schools like Chassell,and Hancock and stuff, normally just have prom. And that’s the one dance they have a year since their schools are so small. So it will be nice to have all these kids there, so they can have a fun time with other kids that they know from other schools. And have a dance like this as well, instead of just prom this year.” – Stella Wickstrom, Houghton High School Senior

Wickstrom also added that the ticket money raised from the event will help support Dial Help’s teen mental health programs. Dial Help provides various teen focused programs. Which help provide space for teens to avoid peer pressure, take part in mental health consoling, and education programs with local schools.

“So we hope to see the proceeds from this dance go to support Dial Help, for communities that care. And goes back into the community, and hopefully help with teen mental health. And the doors open at 8pm. at the Dee. And then for info, or to sign up, or anything like that they can go to our Instagram” – Stella Wickstrom, Houghton High School Senior

Dee stadium will fill with blue and silver decorations, music, and a great time for local students. The Copper Country snowball semi formal supporting Dial Help is on Saturday at Dee stadium in Houghton. Tickets will cost ten dollars at the door, and you can find more information on their Instagram page at, copper_countrysnowball_