Meet the Organizations with Giving Tuesday: Copper Country Senior Meals

This past summer Copper Country Senior Meals began working with local farmers and food producers to source ingredients for their meals delivered to seniors in the Keweenaw Peninsula. The addition of local food to their meals has seniors feeling happy and healthy. The new program and efficiency the non-profit has found over the past year has been a result of high food prices.

“So with food costs going up 25-30%, just the production of meals everyday, we saw those increases here with what we are trying to do. But then, also getting the meals to people, especially in rural settings far away from our kitchen. It took a lot more fuel, and those costs cost quite a bit for our drivers. And we reimburse our drivers for mileage.” – Kathleen Harter, Executive Director, Copper Country Senior Meals

Donations to Copper Country Senior Meals from Giving Tuesday will help the non-profit continue finding better food, closer to home, at a better price point and keep drivers on the road to seniors homes. The group has also enjoyed expanding into Lake Linden for their congregate meal sites. Giving Tuesday is right around the corner. Save a few dollars from shopping this weekend and give to any number of 26 Copper Country non profits with the Portage health Foundation’s Giving Tuesday campaign next Tuesday.