Marquette Commission votes on Brownfield Ore Dock Resolution


The Marquette City Commission held a meeting on Monday night and resolved to hold a public hearing on the Brownfield redevelopment proposal for the Ore Dock Brewery outdoor beer garden. ABC-10 asked City Manager Karen Kovacs her thoughts, on the plan moving forward to a February 14th vote. “So this really doesn’t have an impact on other Brownfield projects, this does have more of an impact on DDA. This does not affect taxpayers directly. Again this reverts that money that would be otherwise captured on that property for the DDA to use, but instead would go to the project and redevelopment. So it’s more of an investment for future growth. They can essentially start construction on this project in the spring after they go through all of the other processes through the State, because there are some qualifying expenditures. So then they start receiving these funds after the first year of capture which will be about a year. “
The Commission passed the Brownfield redevelopment resolution with a unanimous 7-0 vote. A February 14th meeting is set.