It’s often been said that art can make people aware of social issues.

A mental health organization is hoping its second annual contest for high school students will do just that.

West End Suicide Prevention is holding its live art and word contest for the second year in a row.

The goal of the contest is for high school students around the Upper Peninsula to promote mental health awareness through different forms of art.

“The LIVE Art & Word Contest  is a way to reduce stigma around mental health and showcase the talent of some of our high school students in the U.P. All the topics will focus on mental health,” said Amy Poirier, West End Suicide Prevention Facilitator. “But students can submit anything from poetry to photography, last year we had several songs submitted, graphic art, paintings, drawings, just about anything.”

An expert panel of judges along with West End Suicide Prevention officials will award the grand prize winner with $500.

Despite the event being a contest, Poirier said everyone’s a winner when they address their own mental health.

“I think this contest is important because it gets kids thinking about mental health, it gets kids talking about mental health and that is really what we want to see. And the talent that some of these kids are bringing into this contest is just amazing,” Poirier said. “I love to see all the art work that comes in whether it be songs, poetry or visual art work. It has just been amazing.”

If you would like to enter in the contest, visit the link below.

Students will need a guardian’s permission to sign up.

The LIVE Campaign – Great Lakes Recovery Centers, Inc. (