Marquette, Mich – A local non–profit is honoring the dedicated volunteers that keep them on the path to success.

The North County Trail Association honored nine members for their volunteer service.

Awards are separated into four categories, 100, 200, 400 and 10,000 hours of cumulative service.

“It’s important to recognize people who dedicate time to the parks and in this case, the North Country Trail. People go out and volunteer and it is nice to have recognition,” said Lorana Jinkerson, President of the NCT Hikers Chapter.  “As part of it, the National Park Service gives tokens to each one.”

The NCTA honors its members every year.

Jinkerson said volunteers perform a variety of duties.

“There’s a variety of duties. You can do administrative duties. Planning meetings, that kind of thing. Or, they can actually work on the trail. They can help work on the trail. Lopping, we have certified chainsaw volunteers that cut trees that have fallen down. Mowing, painting of the blazes so people don’t get lost on the trail,” said Jinkerson. “Basically, trail maintenance. If we are building new trails, they can help with building  the new trails. We host events, periodically so we need people to volunteer periodically at events and sit and talk with people about the trail.”

The NCTA will be celebrating “Walking In Marquette” on September 25th in Lower Mattson Harbor Park.

The trail is in need of volunteers.

Visit the link below for an application to volunteer.

Ways to Volunteer