Courtesy: Michigan DNR

Two lost canoe paddlers have been found after an overnight search.

A good Samaritan brought Ezequiel Gianfranco ,19, and Nathalie Hoste–Skrzypek, 20,  of Florida and Chicago back to their group after their canoe capsized multiple times.

The DNR began their search the day before when the pair was delayed in regrouping with their friends.

The two had no food or water with them, but were able to make a short phone call to their friends before their battery died. Using the location of the call, officers continued searching the area.

The search was suspended until Monday after a helicopter search of the area was ineffective.

In the morning, when the paddlers were brought back, they admitted to climbing through the window of a fishing cabin downstream and spending the night.

The DNR reminds people to stay put if lost. This often leads to a quicker rescue.

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