With a motto of “Support, Encourage, and Empower All” — Dial Help has been serving the Upper Peninsula since 1971. The nonprofit provides confidential, non–judgmental crisis support services for residents across the U.P.


Kristine Martens, Assistant Director at Dial Help, mentioned that they focus on survivors and victims of sexual assault. And that their Child Advocacy Center specifically works with children who are being abused. Also, they see victims of other types of crime adding that they work with two wonderful shelters in the area that work with survivors of domestic violence. Dial Help also works with those victims and others from sexual abuse and elderly abuse among others….

Dial Help services include crisis counseling, substance abuse prevention, and suicide de–escalation.

Crisis specialists help families, children, and adults through–out 15 counties.

Dial Help also supplies K–12 schools with in–school guidance counselors when and where they are needed.

Kristine also encouraged people to call Dial Help’s Hotline if they need someone to listen to in a non-judgmental way and lay-out some options for them without having a stake in those options can be reassuring. She wants to remind people that Dial Help is still here. Their phone lines are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week; adding, that if she encourages people to reach out to one of their specialists–especially if they’re experiencing signs of suicide–That they are there to help you and help you stay safe.

“Follow–Up” services for individuals who sought services in the past are also provided.

If you, or someone you know needs help contact Dial Help.

Crisis Call: 800-562-7622 or 906-482-HELP

Crisis Text: 35NEEDS (906-356-3337)

Or to chat with someone immediately on the web go to https://dialhelp.org/