The Michigan State Police is accepting applications for its new recruit program.

The Lateral Entry School is set to begin in March 2022. Currently licensed law enforcement officials can sign up now.

“So what we are doing for the first time in state police history is we are recruiting already MCOLE certified officers to come to a recruit school, that will be an abbreviated recruit school down in Lansing, starting next March,” said Lieutenant Mark Giannunzio of the MSP. “We’ll be taking 35 already sworn officers. Because we are only taking 35 people, we are already getting mass interest across the state from law enforcement officers.”

The recruit school takes 10 weeks.

It’s shorter than the MSP’s traditional 26–week program.

Attendees who have prior law enforcement service experience go through accelerated training.

Giannunzio said he hopes recruits see this as an opportunity that rewards their experience.

“Our normal recruit schools are 25 to 26 weeks long, so this is a much more condensed version. The reason for that is somebody who is already MCOLE certified has already gone through an academy of sorts, whether they have learned Michigan vehicle code laws, criminal statues, criminal policy and procedure and stuff like that,” LT. Giannunzio said. “We don’t need to teach much of that, we need to teach more of the Michigan State Police tradition, value system, the internal forms we use and policy and procedures used in the Michigan State Police.”

He said anybody who is interested in joining a law enforcement agency should fill out an application.

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