GOP Led Voter Requirement Bills Pass In Michigan Senate

LANSING, Mich -The Michigan Senate passed three bills that tighten voting requirements today.

Senate Bill 285 deals with absentee voters.

Under the bill, voters will need identification to obtain an absentee ballot.

The measure would also require that absentee voters without i.d. would cast a provisional ballot in that election.

Provisional means the ballot would be held for counting until officials are sure the vote should be accepted.

Senate Bill 303 would change the requirements for issuing a provisional ballot to an elector who doesn’t have identification for election purposes.

Lastly, Senate Bill 304 would require a voter who registers on Election Day to prove they are eligible to vote within six days.

If the voter does not verify their registration record with the proper city or township clerk, the vote will not be counted.

The bills were referred to the House Committee on Ethics today.