Bell Auxiliary donates $26k to Ishpeming Senior Center

ISHPEMING — A generous contribution should help the Ishpeming Senior Center come to fruition.

Bell Auxiliary, which is part of UPHS–Bell, has donated over $26,000 to the Ishpeming Senior Center. The funds come from the coffee cart and gift shop located inside UPHS–Bell.

“We’re very delighted to be able to give this money to the Ishpeming Senior Center, so they can continue with their building of the center, to help out the seniors in the community, and other people in the community also,” said Debbie Bussone, President of the Bell Auxiliary. “It’s been a really long process for them to get all the money to build this center, and we are just glad that we can help.”

The original Ishpeming Senior Center was condemned in October of 2019, after it was found to have building code violations.

This adds to a $1.9 million dollar grant from the MEDC, which was granted to the city in 2020.