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ISHPEMING, Mich. (WBUP) – Part of being prepared for outdoor activities is making sure you have the right equipment to do the right job.

“So having the right gear for the right activity is very important,” says Wilderness Sports Sales Manager Ryan Pizziola. “If it’s rainy and your out and you don’t have the proper rain gear or foot gear it makes it kind of miserable. At that point you really don’t want to do it again.”

Ryan says the right pair of boots and socks can make all the difference in your outdoor experience.

Make sure boots have ankle support and good tread to avoid falling in slippery parts of your favorite trail.

Comfortability counts and the right sock one day may not be the best pair for the next depending on if you want to be warmer or cooler.

Along with experience and comfort, safety should also be considered.

“So this time of year if your going out in the woods we recommend everybody wear orange whether you are hunting or not,” adds Ryan. “Another thing to is take a compass, phones, batteries die when they get cold. There are a lot of places we don’t get service. Take a compass, let people know where you are going.”

Beyond equipment, it’s also important to be responsible while enjoying the outdoors.

“If it wasn’t for hunting, fishing, outdoors people giving feedback to the conservation clubs and environmentalists, my personal belief is we would be a lot worse off,” says Ryan. “Something as simple as you know people dumping trash in the woods, there’s a lot of people that are out hunting, fishing that report that trash in the woods and you know some people even though they didn’t do it they’ll go help clean it up because they want to preserve that land.”

As you gear up for your next adventure: be prepared, stay safe, and have fun.