Helping veterans with suicide prevention resources is a team sport in the U.P.

IRON MOUNTAIN — September is National Suicide Prevention and Awareness Month and two businesses in Iron Mountain are helping veterans who may be going through hard times.

Nearly 20 veterans commit suicide in our communities each day, according to the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Unfortunately, around 14 out of those 20 people are not receiving care from the Veteran’s Health Administration.

Thankfully we can all work together to lower those statistics and two local businesses are teaming up wit the VA to do just that.

For the second year, the Holiday Gas Station down the street from the Oscar G. Johnson VA Medical Center is using coffee cups to remind customers about suicide prevention resources.

Another business that is helping spread the world is Smokler’s BBQ.

About 28,000 veterans live in the U.P., according to the Michigan Veterans Affairs Agency.

Veterans and family members can have a free and confidential conversation with an experienced VA Responder by calling the Veteran’s Crisis Line at (800) 273 – 8255.