Businesses benefit from second Crazy Days Sale

ISHPEMING — Ishpeming’s Summer Concert Series celebrated their last day with the Crazy Days Sale.

The pandemic stopped some businesses operations, but the Crazy Days Sale helped with that.

Sue Lane is the owner of Susie Q’s in Downtown Ishpeming. She’s owned her shop for over five years, and says she really enjoys what Crazy Days does for people.

“It’s an event where the city is holding for customers to enjoy and drum a little business during these strange times,” said Lane. “It’s just a good chance to come and find something you might like and enjoy the beautiful day.”

Even restaurants benefited from the sale.

Pamela Perkins, owner of Rare Earth Goods says she had to do everything by herself when the lock down occurred just to stay in business.

Perkins says she appreciates this sale because any business is good business during these times.

“People see some stuff out there on the sidewalks, they tend to look, double look; somebody’s out there and waves to them, they might stop,” Perkins said. “It helps. Anything helps this time with COVID, any business is good business.”