Rotary Club of Marquette donates $2k to Room at the Inn

MARQUETTE — Despite resources in the area being stretched thin, one organization has made a sizable donation to a charitable cause.

The Rotary Club of Marquette has announced the donation of 2–thousand dollars to the Room at the Inn warming center. The donation highlights the community’s ability to independently solve the issues it’s facing.

“I think we can act more quickly. Hopefully there are federal dollars and coming and all that, but that all takes a long time and it’s a process,” said Kim Frost, Rotary Club of Marquette member. “I think our community has the ability by doing this kind of stuff to act quickly, also to act, in a sense, with less strings attached. We know the need and we can meet it directly, and so that’s really important.”

Funds from the donation will be used to purchase cleaning and food supplies, as well as for purchasing food from local restaurants if the warming center lacks volunteers.

The donation, spearheaded by club member Judy Watson Olson, is part of an effort by the Rotary Club of Marquette to assist the homeless population in the city.

The Rotary Club started this effort by looking into housing solutions for the homeless, which they will continue to do.