MARQUETTE COUNTY — Since the COVID–19 pandemic has progressed, examples of panic–buying have been seen across the nation, and local stores have been no exception.

Throughout Marquette County, empty shelves in grocery stores have been a common sight, caused by panic buying from people preparing for the worst.

However, as one store manager explains, the supply line is steady and needs to be trusted.

“There’s going to be food on the shelves,” said Dustin Gransinger, store manager of Jim’s Jubilee in Ishpeming.  “The supply chain is good. There’s going to be some struggling in some categories for a while, canned goods and that, but they’re gonna come. Maybe not at the moment you’re there, but we’re gonna get it. It’s gonna just keep flowing in, and I think we’ll be alright as far as that goes.”

Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s recently–announced Executive Order 2020–21 allows people to leave their homes to purchase groceries and other supplies.