MARQUETTE — A familiar car dealership has officially opened in a familiar location.

Fox Chevrolet Marquette is officially open for business, after moving into the former home of Frei Chevrolet.

According to the new dealership’s general manager, it’s a move that made perfect sense.

“We wanted to bring Chevrolet back to Marquette because it belongs here,” said Luke Hubbard, General Manager of Fox Chevrolet Marquette. “Chevrolet’s been part of this community for almost 100 years, so we wanted to be able to bring that back. We’ve been working with Chevrolet for about 6 months, trying to bring it back to this point. What better point than to have it where it’s been for over 40 years at the same location, so we’re super excited about bringing it back to this spot.”

The Fox team worked since September of last year to prepare for the opening, including everything from purchasing the property to implementing upgrades and renovations.

Frei Chevrolet had been operating in Marquette since 1922, until closing in the fall of last year.

For more info on the dealership, visit their website here.