Unnamed man arrested for outstanding warrant in KI Sawyer

FORSYTH TOWNSHIP — Officers from the Forsyth Township Police Department arrested an unnamed male on Dart Street at KI Sawyer.

Officers were dispatched for a suspicious vehicle on Dart Street. Officers located the vehicle and made contact with the driver of the vehicle. Later in the encounter officers found that the driver had an outstanding warrant and his license was suspended.

During the investigation of the male subject, the officers found he was in possession of crystal meth and a large amount of cash. The male was arrested and lodged at the Marquette County Jail.

The subjects name will not be released at this time due to an ongoing case.
The male was arrested and has been charged with possession with intent to distribute meth, habitual offender 2nd, possession of a schedule 5-controlled substance, and operating-license suspended, revoked and denied.

The Forsyth Township Police Department was assisted by the Marquette County Sheriff’s Office on the scene.