Residents still displaced after evacuation of Pine Ridge Apartments

MARQUETTE — It is now day 2 after the incident at Pine Ridge Apartments that left many without a home. Thankfully emergency services and the community were able to come together to help those that were in need.

The Salvation Army and the Red Cross are currently working together to assist the occupants of the Pine Ridge Apartments with food, water, and temporary housing.

Northern Michigan University is currently using the Superior Dome to house individuals affected by the fire that caused the apartment complex to evacuate. The residents are now possibly looking at staying yet another night and morning at the Superior Dome.
Officials will be going through the apartment complex again and determining what needs to be taken care before the occupants can return.

“We are here for the duration,” explained David Rushford, Crew Chief for Salvation Army. “We are here for the U.P.’s population as far as feeding, drink, and whatever needs that they might have that we can provide. We will provide it and we will be here as long as we are needed.”

Other organizations also helped with bringing supplies for victims of the fire as well. UPAWS brought Food, water and other resources for pets that were affected in the fire. According to officials, neither person nor pet was harmed in the incident that took place yesterday afternoon.

ABC 10 will continue updating new progress with this story as information is released.