Pine Ridge Apartments evacuated for fire

MARQUETTE — A fire was first reported at around 12:30 this afternoon at the Pine Ridge Apartments in Marquette. The fire has been put out, and fire fighters are using a fire stopping foam on the roof, where the fire was reportedly at.

The Marquette City Fire Department is requesting that citizens avoid the area of the Pine Ridge Apartments due to an ongoing structure fire at the complex. The request being made is to assist police, fire and EMS with evacuation and fire fighting efforts.

The residents of the building were evacuated. Marq-Tran buses have been transporting the residents to the Superior Dome, where there is a temporary shelter being put into place for them to stay while officials determine if the apartment complex is safe to return to.

The Salvation Army is on the scene and will be providing a meal for the residents at the shelter as they wait to hear about the condition of the building.

ABC10 will continue to update this story as more information becomes available.